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Anyone have ideas for a (soon to be) defunct laptop? Answered

Hello everyone! I have recently gone from lurking on instructables to throwing some replies in and decided to take it a step further and start my own topic. My apologies if I post this in the wrong place or for any other faux pas.

Getting to the point.
I currently have a hp touchsmart tx2 which I might have dropped a time too many and is starting to make all kinds of sounds that you really don't expect from a healthy laptop. I think this would be an indication that it is only a matter of time before it craps out on me so I have started shopping around for a new laptop.
The only question that remains is: What do I do with a dead laptop?
I am thinking of re-purposing the swivelling touch screen and take the rest apart for part but I am curious to know what interesting ideas the people on the interwebs might have.
So let me hear it, What would you do with a dead laptop? The more creative the better! (although some degree of feasibility is of course welcome).


Turn the touchscreen into a tablet with one of these: http://www.raspberrypi.org/ You'd probably need a good bit of electronics knowledge though. And I don't even know if you could get one of these little guys. But I think it'd be cool.

Cool, a tablet in a USB drive. I'm not sure if my electronics skill is up to it but it is a sweet idea :)

SteamPunk it! The computer pictured is a perfect candidate for modifying into an old, Victorian "alternative world" style. If you don't know what "SteamPunk" is, here's the Wiki link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steampunk Good Luck!
 Win Guy

I'm familiar with steampunk. I figure, take it apart and replace as much as possible with wood, brass and random antique-looking bits. I'm sure I could run a sterling engine on the ridiculous amount of heat this laptop produces :P

Good one! XKCD has been on my regular webcomic list for a while now. Too bad they didn't make an 'ible out of this one. I am specially curious about the "import soul" part :P