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Anyone have ideas for mosquito netting a bed when you can't hang the net from the ceiling? Answered

I'm staying in a room in Southern Mexico with no AC for the next couple months. There is a lot of Dengue and Chagas  transmission here, so I'm worried about the bugs. We leave the windows open at night because of the heat, and do not have screens for them. Even if we did have screens the insects could get in through the substantial cracks in the doors. I think netting the bed is the best idea, but I can't hang the net from the ceiling. It is too high, and the owner of the house wouldn't let me screw any eye hooks into it even if I had access to a ladder to get to it. I have been thinking about building a frame around the bed that I could hang the net from, but I don't have any tools here with me and would prefer a simpler solution if I can find one. Maybe even something like a couple wire arches over the bed to drape the net over, but I'm not sure what material would be best for that. 

I'm not super handy, so I'm hoping you guys can help me out with some ideas!



i was thinking you could have 2 poles coming from the back of your bed than 2 coming off of them like a "7" on each side then hang the mosquito net over them.


8 years ago

An old Boy Scout camping trick: 
Securely attach a pole or rod to each end of the bed (you could use something like free standing floor lamps, etc placed at each end of the bed instead), centered and  3 or 4 feet higher than the bed. Tie a pad to the top of each rod so it will not tear through the netting, then drape the netting over the poles and bed.  The netting should be large enough to go over the poles and extend down beyond the sides and ends of the bed. ( You may have to use two nets, secured together, to cover a large bed.) Bunch the netting around the poles and tie or tape so it will remain secured to the poles.
You should have a 'V' shaped tent over the bed and security from invading insects.

Sounds to me like you're on the right track. Not knowing what you have available to work with, I can't offer any better ideas.