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Anyone have links to DIY electronic stimulation devices? Maybe a suggestion on what components'll be needed, etc.? Answered

I suffer from severe RLS and I'm always researching [experimenting on myself] ways to get relief without meds. I'd like to build a simple electronic stimulation device. If it works well (on the RLS), I may incorporate removable electrodes, pot, timer, lights, etc... All I need's a nudge in the right direction. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation does seem like an interesting avenue to pursue in the treatment of restless legs syndrome. I would be careful to avoid anything that smells of magic electric snake oil. But it is worth looking into. You can do some more research with free literature review artcles at PubMed:


However, intentionally electrocuting yourself in order to stimulate nerves to exhaustion does not sound like a good candidate for do-it-yourself. Human beings do not come with fuses that you can replace, should you accidentally burn out an important component.


6 years ago

Sorry for necroposting, but I was looking for this too. Findings are strikingly limited. Here's what I found:

There is a Yahoo user group with some activity and info on TCDS:

Read the reply in this thread. Seems to be an inexpensive and easy
" a small circuit of LM317L and a mini potentiometer to control current.":

Here's that transistor:

Make had a very brief mention of TCDS DIY projects:

Inexpensive commercial product with what they are calling microcurrent stimulation, ces and tdcs:

Also, I agree with randofo: a TENS unit can be bought on amazon for maybe 100 dollars or less and it works well for RLS and has the added benefit of pain management / recovery from soreness.

Are insurers known to deny the TENS devices, even if it's recommended by a physician?

No idea, as I live in the UK - I do know that they are issued by hospitals here for relief of mild pain. Typically for Sciatica and muscular pain.

Just buy a TENS unit. It's much easier and safer that way.