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Anyone help me wire some lighting/ sound effects for my son's Megaman costume? Answered

I'm building a Megaman costume and I need to make a section of the blaster blink and make a charging noise, and then glow solid, and make a blasting noise. I have NO experience with wiring and electronics. I read a few good basic LED tutorials and successfully lit and LED w/o burning my house down, but I have no idea how to make this thing play a recorded sound or make the lights interact w/ the sound... Any suggestions?




5 years ago

Do you have pictures? That sounds really cool.

Yeah , record your own message greeting card wired to a series of sound reactive LED's will work here is a simple circuit.Just connect the audio jack to you sound source i.e the message recording greeting card or if you want you can use the ISD1218 for voice recording i have included a wire up digram for the chip one switch is the record switch and the other is the playback switch and if you want music the music sync lights connect the male jack in the 1stcircuit instead of the speaker


So, I saw another question on here in which someone was attempting something similar w/ a picture frame that makes a heart beat sound and lights up in time w/ the sound. Someone suggested using a record your own message greeting card wired to a series of sound reactive LED's which I've also seen some tutorials for on here. Does that sound like it could work? If so, anyone got the time to show me how you could do that?

How long have you got ?