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Anyone here use pygame? Check out this game I made. Answered

Pygame is a python module that makes it easy to make games. I made pong game and a Patriot command remake. The pygame home page is http://pygame.org. My Patriot command home page is http://patriotcommand.yolasite.com and http://www.pygame.org/project-Patriot+Command-1394-2708.htm Im looking for some feedback on the game you need python and pygame installed in order to play it in a little while I will upload a app that works on intel macs 10.5 and up. The source works on macs and pcs and should work with linux computers also. Has anyone else made a pygame. I attached the source in a 7-zip archive.
    At the title screen press enter to start a game. Enter will take you from any screen to the next. I cant upload the mac version because it is 14mb and instructables doesn't let you upload more than 10.


Mind if I ask what uses easygui?

I installed pygame now I am not sure how to run your game. I am looking for tutorials on how but just not comprehending anything at 6 am.

wow never really heard bout much of this before

I think for the sake of people like lemonie, you should look into a program called py2exe. It will convert python scripts into windows executable files.

Well, I was interested, but I don't have python or pygame installed.
(it's a bump)