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Anyone know a good guitar for about $200-$400? Answered

I woud really like a les paul style. I like to play alternative, rock & hard rock, and blues. Id prefer not to have a floyd rose tailpeice because ive had bad experiances with them. Ive looked into telecasterrs and dont really know much about them. I tend to play darker stuff and want a guitar with a dark tone.



If you're handy with soldering, you can replace the pick-ups.  I'm a fan of both Seymore-Duncan and Carvin.  Telecasters are cool for having good mid-range honk and bell-like trebles, and they can layer really well with a lobotomized grinder of a guitar tone, but if you're going dark I'd stick with your Les Paul and change pick-ups.

It really comes down to how beat up of a guitar you want to buy
For $200-400, you will be buying a used guitar
For rock, hard rock, and blues, a gibson-esque guitar would do you good
Fender is also pretty good but they typically have the floyd rose
For darker stuff, you may want to look into some cheep ibanez guitars
Gibson has a less expensive brand called epiphone, which would be all the gibson style guitars in your price range, but even still, a nice epiphone les paul can still run up to above $400
All gibson and epiphone have fixed bridge, but im not sure about ibanez

I have an epiphone les paul special II but its kinda not the best guitar. And im used to buying used from musicaians friend. Ive also been using a les paul style since i started.

 epiphone makes several different kinds of les paul, some are just better than others.  Compared to your current guitar, is there any direction you want to head from it, such as darker or just better quality?

i like the overal tone but id like better quality and a thinner neck. I really like thin necks. O and a low string height from the fretboard.

 well, im thinking most of the necks that epiphone uses on the les pauls are all the same, but i wouldnt know

You do know you can change the height of the strings on almost every single guitar
I i know for a fact that there are instructables on how to do it

no u can get different neck widths. Hendrix plays a SUPER thin one. and ill look into that.

Not what im saying

There is a definite difference between necks between guitars and even between brands.  Since Epiphone is a cheaper brand, they most likely use different necks, but its likely that all the guitars under the les paul model have very similar necks

 Thats one of the things I want to do
I just want to build a black, curved top les paul with white trim and pickguard

For some reason i want this guitar that i dreamed of where its a les paul with like a v chunk of out it by the electronics.

Check www.grizzly.com ,  They sell kits for electric guitars that are as good as you make them to be !

Th' company provides lots of "hand holdin' " fer those that need it !