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Anyone know a source for "GorrillaPod" type materials? Answered

I've been searching for a cost-effective source for "GorrillaPod" type parts
Could be really helpful for many projects. 

The closest things I'm able to find are
http://www.modularhose.com    A bit expensive for many purposes.
http://www.loc-line.com/              Seems like lengths are generally limited to 5.75 inch segments.

Both of these products seem very good for what they are intended. 
The loc-line looks like it can be joined - so maybe that is a good one.
Is loc-line stiff enough to behave similar to gorillapod?

It would be really nice if we could snap together pieces to make what ever lengths desired.
Maybe this already exists and I've just missed it....



While initial cost may be high i think the best way of have access to the loc-line parts you could ever want would be getting/building a 3D printer then printing as many as you would like and selling off sets to help cover the cost of the printer and materials.

But what sets Gorilla Pod from modular hose is gorilla pod is closer together and has silicon grips on each piece. The modular hose is designed as a flexible hose to direct liquids where they are needed. I'm sure its more then stiff enough to stay in place when wrapped around something since it stays in place with several PSI of liquid flowing through it. But its not made to grip things as well as the Gorilla Pod since it doesn't have silicon grips. But you can add your own with some Sugru.

I don't see how the loc-line isn't a good deal. For $30 you can get 46" of 1/4" modular hose.


6 years ago

Well, you could adapt your home made twist tie idea like this: get some flexible tubing and shove a few pieces of the 8-gauge wire into the tube. Make three or so of these "legs". Get a little block of wood, drill three holes, and glue in the legs. add a little mount on top of the wood for your camera or whatever, and you've got it. That is my crude idea at least. I suppose you could also make feet on the legs with Sugru, and ridges on the legs themselves to increase grip. Eventually, the wire will get old, but it's so easy to replace that it isn't really big deal.

ilpug,  (how did you derive that name?)

Thanks that's probably a good idea - i will be trying that.

Also I noticed somewhere some info on brazing. Supposed to be easier and sometimes better than traditional welding. I'm pretty pumped on this idea because it would allow me to attach the wires to a metal center base etc... Here's where I saw that info...


I'm really looking forward to messing with some of this.  Will post something if I get some traction.

My username is an acronym, and what it stands for changes a lot.

I might pursue this idea myself.

Brazing is fun and useful, but it seems like every time I try I end up melting everything.