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Anyone know anything about hotrodding a guitar amp? Answered

I'm wanting to get all I can out of my amp. It's a solid-state Fender Stage Series 1600. What can I do? Can I do anything? Any Answers or know where I can find one. Thanks much!



Best Answer 9 years ago

You don't see many solid state amp mods--especially if the amp has all sorts of effects built-in. It's a fairly powerful amp, too, I gather. A modern SS amp will have a tightly packed PCB, not much like the old turret or eyelet board style circuit that's easy to modify. If you don't like overall sound, the best you can do is to try various stompboxes or rack F/X. But contrary to popular belief, you cannot just add a tube preamp to an SS amp and get a tube amp sound. A lot of the "classic tube sound" comes from phase inverter and power stage distortion, together with the preamp. Still, there's always a newer, greater effect to try...


9 years ago

You could repaint the numbers by the dials so that they go up to 11?
(other than that, it does what it does, not much room for anything more without a major rebuild)