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Anyone know dinodirect.com? Answered

Currently I am viewing this site. They are an online retailer of daily consumer electronics. Similiar to DealExtreme.com, they are also providing worldwide free shipping and cheap price.
All I wanna know is they are reliable site or not...


I looked at the site but never ordered, I can testify to dealextreme, they're very good though if they're similar then pay the extra $1.50 for fast post, the free postage is slow, like it says, however it is always free and though it takes time your stuff does arrive and it does when they say it will...

Their deals are great though if you really want to know about dinodeals why not buy something really cheap but telling, to find out a little more, if nothing else you can cancel the payment, should they rip you off... Nout to lose really... 

Here are some good reviews.  Well the reviews themselves are good not necessarily the ratings.  See what YOU think.