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Anyone know how to build a device that says a pre-recorded message whenever there is power going through it? Answered

Just going to use a simple wall timer so I can make it go off when I want, Im guessing it would just be a recording message device from radio shack and it says the message when you put power into it, does anyone know how to do that. Much appreciated if someone could draw up some schematics for me, Thanks.


A simple recording kit from radio shack would be all you need. Have your timer set off a relay that would activate the play button on the recorder and your set.

Ah, thanks, but how would I set up the relay that would hit the play button?

I will play it while I am asleep, and I can not hit the button in the middle of the night, I will also hook up a phone charger to it that way I can hook put the timer to it, so can you show me how or tell me how I would make it say something because I cant hit the button in the middle of the night when it is powered up, could i eliminate the button or something so the current goes through two wires that replace the button?

The relay replaces the button. When whatever timing mechanism you use goes off it will need to supply a voltage (typically 5V on most relay boards) across the coil on the relay which will close the circuit on the recorder and play the sound.

This would be a good Arduino project. Start looking around for projects that use the arduino as a timer and that uses the Wave Shield for the Arduino. The Arduino can keep track of the time and activate your pre-recorded message through the wave shield. You will record your message as an MP3 and put it onto a microSD card.

Good idea, seems a little complicated for me, Im definately not new to electronics, but I havent gotten into the advaced wirings and solderings, I was thinking i would remove the button and solder two wires where the wires go into the button switch so there would be no button at all.

If you solder the wires together it will mess things up. The recorder will want to play back the sound constantly. It only needs a momentary press to start the playback.

With the arduino and wave shield there isn't much in the way of wiring and soldering. Well the shield does come as a kit but once you have that put together you just plug it into the top of the Arduino and program it to do what you want. Check the Arduino forums for similar projects and for better help in completing the project.