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Anyone know how to make a timed locking mechinism that will only unlock once a day? Answered

trying to build a timed locking mechinism that will unlock at 12:00am and once closed wont open till next day.  if you got an idea or a chart on how to make please notify me thank you.


If I understand correctly, the lock will open at 12:00 am and remain unlocked until someone has opened and re-closed the door/container, no matter what time that happens. Once the secured area has been accessed and closed back up, the lock will remain closed until 12:00 am rolls around again. So you want a lock goes into fail-safe (open) mode when a signal is applied, and resets itself to fail-secure mode (closed) once used. Is this correct?
Presuming I understand correctly, there are electric door latches that are made for his kind of duty, such as these. All you would need to do is use a timer to apply the signal voltage at the right time. You might be able to use a digital appliance timer like these, or possibly a microcontroller if you're good with such things.