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Anyone know how to make the Claire Burke Original fragrance oil for an effusion lamp? Answered

I'm trying to locate "recipes" for a DIY effusion lamp oil. I found the basics-10-12 drops of essential oil per 16 oz. at least 91% alcohol, but some of these oils are expensive also. I'd like to recreate the Claire Burke Original scent-it, of course, has been discontinued.Any directions for the Applejack and Peel scent would be helpful too! I have the lamps, but the refill oils for all brands are really expensive;the alcohol can be found at drugstores and Wally-world for about $1.50/16 oz. bottle.The Essential oils are a bit more expensive, but all the info says one must use these-Not the fragrance oils. Apparently, those mixtures will clog the lamp wick or stone .Any and all suggestions for recipes and how many drops/Ml. of  the different oils-for ANY fragrances- will be welcomed.



5 years ago

Could you please share the recipe you have for the original scent? That scent is my absolute favorite and I can't believe they have discontinued it! Thanks!

Hi Mimi06-I don't have this recipe-THAT's what I've been trying to find. I have managed via trial & error to mix a couple of scents that work well-so far(fingers crossed) in my lamps. I use the 91% alcohol, from Walmart, and use a dropper for the essential oils. Have put in 12-15 drops of the oils-seems to work well. Guess what scent you want is unique to you. I'm still looking for a Claire Burke recipe-It's one of my favorites too. BTW-I have discovered that you cannot use the CB scented oils from the wall warmers-those will ruin your stone. They aren't the pure essential oils. good Luck-to both of us!

It sounds like you know everything you need. You have a recipe and now all you need is to find a fragrance you like. From the name it sounds like you need apple. Go to local stores and smell some different oils until you find one or a combination you like.