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Anyone know how to modify an annoying doorbell 'buzzer'? Answered

Right now it's DING DONG, DING DONG, DING DONG. Three times and piercingly loud. I can't imagine the speaker is controlling the dinging and the donging - I think it must be steered by a chip on the PCB. How could I swap out either the speaker or the chip to have a still clearly audible but less repetitive and annoying alert?


As others have said: The tune's pretty much hardwired into the chip. If you're lucky, maybe it has both a front-door and back-door connection with different tunes and you can switch from one to the other. If not... Swap it out. Or build your own noisemaker; doorbells are usually 12 or 24 volt circuits (easy to check which yours is) so all you need is a circuit that makes a suitable noise when power is applied.

I thought about this on the way home. Maybe the best way to alter the sound is with a big hammer.

You could always muffle it by taping a piece of foam over it. If you can remove those screws and flip the board over, then take another pic, people can see what's hiding there and maybe give you a better idea.

Right now I have it with taped over, but it's hardly a great solution. I'll flip over the PCB and report back...I guess there is no easy solution then?

We'll see once the board is flipped so we can take a look at the components, but idk...canned doorbells are pretty much a done deal and the likely best you can do is muffle it or modify the output with a fixed resistor as re-design noted or perhaps add a volume control. flip and take that pic so we know one way or another. can't hurt to upload one more...

A smaller speaker will make less sound. A resistor to shunt some of the power to ground would make it quieter. Changing the "tune" it plays is going to be more difficult since most of these use a chip specially designed to play the tune. There is a chance that the chip is one that has several tunes building and could be changed just by changing a couple of wires to different pins. You'll have to figure out which to which. You could always just buy another door bell that you like the sound of and install that one. Yea I know that isn't as much fun.

Turn it over and take a picture!