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Anyone know how to paint real flowers onto walls? Answered

My friend works in a flower shop and is going to be redoing the bathroom there to make it fit into the flower theme.  I remember seeing somewhere real leafs painted onto walls.  It seems like what they did was somehow secure a leaf onto the wall (glue would create a flat spot behind the lead) and painted over it.  The effect was the wall had the texture of the leaves. 

Anyone have a good idea how to secure the leaves to the wall without ruining the texture of the leaves, or maybe another way to get this effect?


I was thinking that maybe you could glue it to the wall, as RavingMadStudios said, and then spray something over the leaves to keep them preserved. Another thing that I recently saw on a painting was taking big leaves, like lily pad leaves, painting on the back of them and putting them on the wall. Once you get the paint from the leaf transferred to the wall, you could take it off to leave leaf-shaped imprints on the wall... Just a few ideas :)

Wallpaper paste, maybe? I've seen something similar using ripped up brown paper towels, and I'm pretty sure they used wallpaper paste. They also covered the toweling with clear polyurethane when it was all done, but if you just want the texture, regular latex paint would be fine. Alternately, you could just base coat the wall with venetian plaster and press leaves into it while the plaster was wet, leaving an imprint of the leaf pattern behind. Might be less fiddly that way.