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Anyone know how to prepare traditional Dutch RAW HERRING? Answered

Anyone know how to prepare traditional Dutch RAW HERRING? the kind that is just eaten raw with or without onions as a snack. i was recently in amsterdam and loved it! i live in new york city tho, and haven't found it here yet. 

i know there is brining involved, and i think something about enzyme preserving... but haven't found any 'recipes' online... Advice?? 



Best Answer 7 years ago

This video might help. It's not pickled, just lightly salted and frozen.

hey! the video was great, actually. thank you! it confirmed some of my Haring theories ;-) i had read that the innards were not taken out before the salting process and that that forced the enzymes from the body to slowly change the texture of the flesh, along with the high salting that i assume is washed off just before gutting and serving.

are you dutch? have you ever tried to prepare herring? i have no idea where i might be able to find very fresh herring in the states or whether it would even be the right fat content over here. but im willing to try! none of the restaurants in nyc serve herring the dutch way, and ive never been to the netherlands during the spring when they are at their best! hopefully this year!

thanks again, your answers to my dutch culinary quandaries have been most helpful. i really appreciate you taking the time to help me out :-)

Every seafaring society has something resembling sushi; they just don't all admit to it.

Yep. Usually delicious, too. Ceviche, poke, sushi, carpaccio, crudo, tartate, lap pa, all tasty.

very true. cooking is overrated ;-)

well, as this herring isn't entirely 'raw' as its been slightly preserved with brining, its not really sushi-like anymore, the texture of the fish has been slightly altered. both are awesome tho! ;-)


7 years ago

Hi, try this store on Houston: www.russanddaughters.com

thanks! i did... no luck! ive been there before, and i LOVE that place. but they dont do it up dutch style :-/

I know it as "pickled herring". Try a websearch?

pickled herring is herring that has been soaked in vinegar, which is lovely, but different than this. i had tried pickled herring, which you can find over here in the states, but never had this 'raw' herring before i was in holland. and its glorious!

Grand Central Oyster Bar has a herring festival every spring. Prepared the dutch way. Yummm!

I know it as roll-mop herring. Its not too hard to prepare really.

hey, yeah i thought that a roll-mop was a pickled dish... the herring im trying to prepare is preserved with light brining and something about enzyme-action to preserve. roll-mops are awesome too tho! thanks!

A roll-mop herring is traditionally pickled. and a "Maatje" as we call it in holland is not.

Agreed, that's another name I've heard for essentially the same thing.