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Anyone know if this came off an 1899 automobile? Answered

Found this metal detecting old cellar hole. Think it might be made of copper. It's about the thickness of a dime.
I looked up "Charleroi"  and found there is a town in Pa. named that. Any info or anything would be great.


That is a cool find, I also go metal detecting, some objects take a lot of research to find out what they are. You could also ask a metal detecting forum like this one.


yea I thought it was pretty cool to. I also think researching is just as fun as detecting. First you find it then find out what the heck it is. Anyway , thanks for the link. Good luck with your finds!

It's not a motor vehicle plate; Pennsylvania didn't start issuing them until 1906, and they looked quite different.

If you're in Pennsylvania, try contacting the Charleroi Historical Society (http://charleroi-historical.org). They are likely to either know what it is, or know how to track it down. Good luck!

Thank you kelseymh. Good idea! I'll do just that. i'm from connecticut so i'll just email them and see what they say. have a great day!