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Anyone know of a quality wireless switch for a light approx 70 feet away on a shed in backyard? Answered

I would like to have an outdoor light on my backyard shed/ shop, which I would like to be able to turn on and off from inside my home, which is about 70 feet away. I know that wireless switches are made, but I can't seem to find a good quality, reliable, reputable brand. The only ones I have been able to find on the internet are not getting the best reviews, such as Heath Zenith sold at Home Depot, etc.. Does anyone know of a brand they could recommend? Price isn't really an issue, to keep from having to run wire out there if I can avoid it. Thank you. P.S.- I did think briefly about just using a motion detector, but that would only come on if there is motion, and that doesn't fit my needs. What I need is to be able to turn it on if, for example, I hear something out there and I need to look out of my back window and turn it on to be able to see what might be going on out there, if anyone is trying to break in, etc..



5 years ago

X10 Home automation. It is a system that sends control information over
the electrical wiring. You have different control units for lights
and other things, everything from alarm systems to your washing machine
and lawn sprinklers. You can automate one light or an entire house.
Since it transmits over the electric cables it is secure from


There are a number of places on line that sell the units.

I had a number of things set up with it a while ago but but my software got out of date and and it became a problem for me to program it.


Answer 5 years ago

Here is a single unit with a key fob clicker.


It is very simple to set up and use. The letters are for selecting a combination that controls the unit. So you can have units 1 thru 9 on A , then 1 thru 9 on B and so on. It gives you individual control over hundreds of units if you want to go that far. The old software I had let you set up lighting schemes including one that turned lights on and of randomely to give the apperance someone was walking around.


5 years ago

Try amazon they have a wide selection