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Anyone know some ways on making a diy digital camera the size of a cell phone? Answered

In better detail, a digital camera (photo and/or video) inside of an empty cell phone case. No qualities of what a phone does, except the digital camera part. I do know how to solder, but programming and circuitry are not my forte. Does anyone have any thoughts to share on this?


I imagine it can be done because manufacturers make them BUT - I doubt that an amateur could do it either from a skill based, materials or cost basis.

The closest you might get is to dismantle an existing product and put in in an old phone case.

(did you know you can actually buy cell phones with a camera in them? - neat eh!)

why yes i did know that. and you would be right about doubting an amateur. Im a bit lost when it comes to the hardware.

As we have NO idea what your aim is it isn't really possible to advise BUT I say again it won't be easy, quick or probably cheap.

Cutting something up and re-purposing it is the best direction but WHY wold you want to.

Maybe it could be a good way to reuse a broken cell phone. if its possible to keep some sort of good function/s from a cell youve had and liked for quite some time, it could be a good backup plan in case it breaks.

If you're after a pocket-sized camera but not a phone, why not just buy an old mobile without paying out for a contract?

You can also buy very small digital cameras already - check online for "spy cameras".

I didnt really know about that, not getting a contract part. I do however have a spy camera i bought more than a year ago, but i havent done anything good with it yet.

you can get a camera from like walmart for around $50 that might be better than most cellphone cameras (maybe not the nokia PureView)

ive done a search on eBay and i find it surprising that people actually sell broken cell phones. I tried bidding on a phone that would be cool for this project, but i find it odd how i kept being outbid every time i made a bid on it.

automatic bidding ;)

If you are fine with a broken one, try craigslist in your local area or a recycling company. There are a few here who would be more than willing to get rid of a broken phone


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