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Anyone know what Country this coin is from? or how much it could be worth? Answered

I found this coin at the bottom of an old jar and was wondering where it might be from? Or possible resale value.


It's a UK penny.

In that condition, it's worth about 20p-50p on ebay (this one is 35p).

Postage costs would be three time the value of the coin.


9 years ago

It's from great Britain, And its worth about $4

Great Britain It's a penny, made of bronze I believe. In the condition shown, it's pretty much just worth face value. The metal is probably worth more. If it were in good condition, it could fetch $5 American or so... but that's only on the off chance you can find a buyer. The highest price I could find was $25, but that coin was pristine and I personally think the buyer got fleeced.