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Anyone know where I could find a used/broken guitar for $30 and patch it up?? Answered

I want to place the image of the buffalo man logo on the guitar, but I need a cheap body I can use!



I found one in that price range in local ads. Check the paper and local trade/swap/sell sites, and of course craigslist. :)

Thanks Lithium! I've been searching craigslist. I need to go on the offensive..

Oh another thing: Can you get a virus from opening a text file with notepad??

(like the macros in word?)

Not if it's actually a text file. You need to uncheck the option in windows folder view that says "hide file extensions", then make sure the file ends in .txt. Otherwise it could be a virus named foo.txt.exe, but you wouldn't see the exe.

Tried that, is there any known way that a script/virus/trojan can bypass this method? I got some files from a "Questionable" Source and I don't really trust them (or any others..)

  • Ebay.
  • Thrift shops (one of our local charity shops regularly stocks new acoustic guitars at around £30).
  • Small ads in the local press / corner shop windows.
  • If you're at school ask the music department if they know of a cheap supply, or even if they any old ones you could have.