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Anyone know where one can by a ball lock in component form? Answered

I need to source a small ball lock, or the components for one. I have a device which has a broken retaining collar for the ball, and I want to replace.


Having looked for those before, the search terms don't have enough keywords to be useful ; (

You need to look for a high end model shop that sells mod kits and parts for action figures like Gundam and such. Most are in japan or ship from there.

Polycap joints is another name for them.

Cotterless linch pins

You have to find the spring and ball that came out, then hammer the edge of the hole down until the ball stays in. Since the pins are usually hardened, and the previous edge broke away, you will need to replace the metal around the hole.

I'd go to the hardware store-most have a set of parts boxes to look threw. You may need to find a small hardware store, but some of the big box stores are starting to carry stuff like this (home depot and lowes but not menards...).

Sorry, most of the people who ask questions don't even google it.

Tell me about it. ;)
I can find devices that HAVE the ball lock, but not the ball locks themselves.
It is most displeasing.

Google was my first port of call.

Oops! I replied to my message, sorry.