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Anyone know where to buy some really cheap USB flash drives or MicroSD cards? Answered

Frenzy's instructable on USB dead drops got me inspired, but I don't want to set up just one!  I'd like to set up several around my little town here, and I don't want to break the bank doing it.  Does anyone know where to buy maybe six to twelve thumb drives or micro SD cards for super cheap?  I don't need anything particularly fancy, I'm sure 512mb or 1gb would be plenty of space.  I found some stuff on ebay but I'd still be paying around $35 for 10, and I'd like to get that down around $2 each or less.  What do you think?  Pipe dream or do you have some ideas? 


ebay could solve your problem

if you need some i go to the eltroncs store dig in the dump or go on ebay and buy awhole bag of them or govermeant auctions

check out chinabuye, they offer cheap products there. they even ship it for free and they deliver on time with a 1 year warranty.,

Tryl www. Geeks.com, tigerdirect.com, or maybe those bidding sites besides ebay.
Not sure about bulk rates, but you can certainly try to find out.


7 years ago

Dealextreme has some of the lowest prices on memory cards and USB drives that I have seen. I don't know about bulk rates but you can probably find out at their site.
I ordered several items from them and had no problems at all. The only cautionary note I would add is that it can take 2 or three weeks for delivery as the orders are usually shipped from China.


Thanks for the suggestion Burf, I was avoiding dealextreme since my last couple of interactions with them have been less than stellar (I had to wait about four months each for a couple of shipments). I'll probably end up going with them though, since I can be patient . . . hopefully I won't have to be THAT patient!