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Anyone know why a 99 Chevy blazer would engage 4-Hi 4wd but not 4-Low? Answered

2-Hi and 4-Hi work just fine but the 4-low just won't engage. Trying to figure out if  can DIY fix it if it's something simple, rather than pay an exorbitant amount to a mechanic. Thanks.



6 years ago

since it's a push button to engage the 4WDlow, there might be a corroded connection or wire... have have u ever spilled pop or coffee on the button? Also check the connection from the power to the switch, and then to wherever it goes after that... do you have a multimeter or test light? I wouldn't know if it uses a separate fuse and like kylara70 said, it might be a relay not making contact.


7 years ago

The two things are completely different in your transfer case or transmission, just so you know not to think of it as being linked. This means your problem is the switch between Hi and Low, take it to a repair place, it is either electrical or mechanical so if the mechanic says it is electrical then you can probably DIY otherwise, if it is mechanical, you probably can't or else you wouldn't be asking.

Potentially you may have wonky electrical problems as my 98 has developed. I've disconnected the battery more than once to try to "reboot" and it seems to have helped in at least two instances. Once was when I couldn't get it _out_ of 4WLO. Best of luck to you. I'm soon taking mine to an auto electrical shop.........bummer.

4-low is a gear shift, rather than a clutch change. So when you push the button there is a solenoid that may not be working. For 2-hi and 4-hi it is a clutch change.

Have the error codes pulled from the cars computer and you will likely find the problem.

DIY: get chilton's manual. find the shift solenoid and trace the voltage.

Can't say for sure with the 99, but I used to own a 91, and it took a bit of effort to engage the 4-Low setting. As I recall, you could not shift into low on the fly, so the question I'd ask is are you trying to do that or from a full stop?

Trying at a full stop in neutral, but for whatever reason it just won't engage. It is the push button style too if that helps.

Did you put it in neutral first?
I think it only engages when the transmission is in Neutral.

You might be able to adjust the shifter. It it's an electric shifter the there is even a better chance that that's it.

NP208, NP205, what do you got? I don't even remember what came stock anymore.