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Anyone make or have a instructable on how to make a pocket watch out of lego? Answered

the materials be mosty lego



 I don't think you can make a pocket watch out of Lego--the parts are too small.  You can buy a movement and put on a Lego face, as Kiteman suggests.  Different types of movements are sold at http://www.esslinger.com/watchmovements.aspx?gclid=CNPo9rWDjJ4CFQRM5QodEjWEqg 

People have made a lot of larger clocks out of Legos.  See http://www.popbubble.com/Lego/LegoClocks/
They are impressive and beautiful.

Do you mean a pocket-watch with a mechanism built of lego, or a lego case for an existing mechanism, or a lego-themed pocket watch (you can buy lego-themed wrist watches)?

Hmmmm...  Nothing found on Google...  Something tells me such a thing doesn't exist...