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Anyone need any of my youtube videos? Answered

I'm going to be using my channel for other things and, quite frankly, I honestly don't want to keep up the more geekish K'nex videos d(^_^d)
I'll still be around for a little longer. I won't build much, I get to it like once a month literally, but I'll still mess around most likely until summer. After that, I'm off and probably won't bring my K'nex with but I don't know. If I have the room, could be something to show off I guess. Anywho, if you guys need any specific video, I'll post the exclusive link to that video but otherwise I'm hiding them from public and friends. I'll be keeping up the knot tieing and linerider videos, though.


did you make the knex fold up gun that shot oodamo?

As in was I the creator? Yes I am. I should still have the forum on my profile with a link or embedded video, not sure which but either should still work.

thanks, l found it. when i was looking in your forums i thought there was only two pages and dindt see it :P
p.s. thanks for giving me my 200th comment!

You could make a new channel. I think your ibles would be incomplete without the demo videos.

Well I'm not sure but because they technically link to the videos, they should still work. I'm just making it so they don't show up on my profile or list. And nah, I don't want to go through the trouble of two accounts otherwise I would have after making that one for linerider so that I could use one for exclusively K'nex.

Lowney is right, you could just make it unlisted. If you delete the videos they wont play on your ibles.

Dur...that's what I did. That's why I was asking if anyone needed a video, then I'd give them a link. Embedded videos and links in forums still work. I just made it so that anyone I give my YouTube will only see a few videos so I can still use it for the future.

I think there's no shame in keeping your knex videos public.

I think embedding still works if the video is just unlisted, because it's a link to the video

That's too bad. You should make a ball machine if you have gotten bored of guns. But I understand about the running out of time.

I wouldn't have the pieces to do so else I would have started making them a long time ago. I also don't have any motors but I was going to try developing a sling mechanism to drive a machine a finite number of times depending on how many bands are set up.

Okay. Well that would present a problem. Never mind then.

Man, I guess it's a good thing you didn't use the word Knex in your username.

Got into linerider first. Didn't even know about K'nex weapons at that time.