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Anyone out there know how to beef up the power of a Dremel 4" table saw? Answered

I find it all to easy to bog down my 4" table saw, causing the flimsy belt to run off the pulley.  I'm thinking I need to change pulleys to increase speed and, ad a stronger/thicker belt.  Any feedback out there would be appreciated.    Hubiewan


well you could always change the 120 volt plug to a 240, plug it in to a 240 outlet, then it will give you more power for the 10 seconds until it burns up the motor.

If you change the pulleys to run the blade faster you'll find that you have less power and it boggs down easier. Not to mention that the blade might not be rated at the new speed and may separate explosively.

What you need it is a saw with a more powerful motor.  A 4" dremel saw is not meant for very heavy cutting.

Or you need to accept that a small saw cuts Really Slowly compared to a big one, and feed the stock no faster than the blade can deal with it. (But, yeah, a real saw would be a better answer if you're planning to cut larger items. Or just haul out a handsaw.)