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Anyone seen Lemonie and Vegas? Answered

Just wondering. I miss their posts.


Who here wants to team up and for the P.A.N.S.I.E.S.?



I'm confused..is that telling the PANSIES not to investigate?

I'm saying if the Marvin Minsky things that it breaks Network Etiquette to go hunting into a person's real life, maybe we should pay attention. But also implying that it might be worth it. Perhaps an Instructables staff member can drop a more discrete message to the registered email address to prevent worry?

Who is Marvin Minsky?

(I was thinking something more along the lines of a CIA Missing Persons search =] )

Lemonies last comment was posted 5 hours ago.

perhaps you should contemplate how many YEARS have passed since this was originlly posted. Or are you being Ironic?

The beloved Lemonie came back after re-finding how to connect to the internet. LasVegas was hounded by moronic newbs on the subject of Mac OSX.

...and life continued.

Hmm, either I'm not on as much I as once was, or something, but I haven't seen a lot of Nacho either.

Nacho's around a lot, he's on the IRC a lot as well.

Ok, guess it is must my weird hours that make me keep missing people. :-)

he changes his avatar alot too, so maybe thats why you keep missing him?

Hmm, I normally look at the names, but I could be just in the wrong place at the wrong times :-) one of my more honed skills I am afraid.

When are you going to use IRC? Its fun!

Well, as soon as I get a little time at home. Almost 80% of my free time is here at work *sigh*.....I am just too much "in demand" at home *shakes head*

. Just received a PM from Lemonie - he lives!!! He's having problems with his Internet connection.

Thats great, hopefully he cant fix it and come back to this wonderful community.

You mean, hopefully he CAN fix it ?

their gonna come back and see this topic and think to themselves "I freakin' rule"

Its kind of weird... how the tides work... and how others kind of take their place... For instance, despite omgitsmelol's annoying handle (Sorry, you know it is :P), he's been helping out a lot...

huh, i always thought i was just aggravating people. good to know that i have actually done something here.

Yea, he has helped quite a few people answer some of their questions.


10 years ago

it IS a rather busy time of year for a lot of people!

yay west, you were on the missing list too. at least punk and myself thought you were missing.

Heh. Been busy too, or you just haven't been reading the same forum posts that I've been answering. Just published the first instrucable I've actually finished in a while...

maybe ive just been missing you. either that or i didnt pay enough attention.

I hope that's the long and the short of it.

Hey, why don't we all PM them into coming back or coming back just long enough to say "Stop emailing me!"

LOL - every PM will start with the words royalestel says...

. . except mine which will say, "Kiteman's trying to frame me . . ."

Wide-eyed and innocent facial expression

Stop fighting you too!
(long enough to correct my grammar! Lookie Kiteman! Bad grammar!)

Hmm, yea they seem to have left without a trace. They provide plenty wise words of wisdom to this community.

LV still pays Instructables a visit from time to time, though not as frequent. As for Lemonie, I did noticed his absence a while back, which prompted Nacho to give him an "Are you there" PM, but I don't think he got any reply.

Leave a comment on their orangeboard telling them you missed them. Nice surprise for when they come back.

If you PM them or leave a comment on their Orange board, they'll get an email from Robot.