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Anyone think I should make an instructable for this? Answered

I wanna know if you want to know how to use my own technique to creating tribal symbols/designs using the ellipse tool on paint. Examples of stuff I did using the technique:

the last 2 requir Gimp. Download it for free at


EDIT: I finished the instructable. Go to my profile to find it


oh dear, some one found the filters menu...

Like finding the fonts menu in PowerPoint...you just have to use them all :-)

ack, microsoft standard fonts. i have 10,000 fonts on my computer.

WOAH!!! Are any like really cool tribally (lol) style? If there are, can you show me a sample?

I downloaded these: DampFPlatz Acquantence DeathHeadKelt

Is that how many there are on mac? Or did ya add 'em?

as a graphic designer, i added them, i have to use a seperate program to manage them, too many fonts will bog down most systems.

haha, well, ive been there, and i do that, i never stop using lots of fonts, many clients, many different styles. hence, font management.

So will too many photoshop brushes.... D:

Ahh. I guess that many would be needed to keep things groovin'

Sounds like knex block triggers... everyone wants one of there own...

Oh, superjustin, you've been here long enough to know the answer to that question.

I know, but I don't wanna post something that no one will be interested in.

Go for it!

Sorry, here are the last ones: