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Anyone use a Car air filter for home use? Answered

Hello all~!
An Idea just flew in my mind!
Has anyone used or thought of using a Car air filter for home use?
my primitive plan says a Car filter (My car's looks like a tunnel/Chimney) with a high CFM computer Fan mounted on top.
The fan would be driven on 12v Adapter (or 9v for silence and life) and would suck air through the filter. The dust would then stick to the outside surfaces of the filter, which can be brushed off / Vacumed later.

Any Pros/ Cons/ Ideas?

Jump in! People!



2 years ago

Well, it's certainly a novel idea! You may want to consider using filter
media designed for improving breathing air quality, though. You can
find everything you need at 5 Star Filter and order online. The forum doesn't appear to support links or I would include one.

Your idea looks interesting.


5 years ago

if the filter is made of white paper (like I've seen ) we could also drop in a few led inside the structure, and would work as an attractive, diffused mood lamp or night lamp.

I don't see why an engine air filter could not work as you plan.

Ive thought about this for years but never tried it.
K&N makes good filters & they are pretty high flow.
I figured We could save some of the paper furnace filter using one but like I said. Never got around to playing with it.