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Anyone use or play around with free to air tv? Answered

My family and I do a lot of camping and I am interested in this technology, but I don't want to waste the money if it isn't going to work that well. Any information would be great, Thanks!


Another option is an omnidirectional antenna. It looks that you might get better local programming.

The dish has to be at least 30" in the USA to recieve most of the programing.
You will be able to recieve PBS and a bunch of religous stations. I have the same delima with camping for which I have a converter box from VGA to composit
with a VGA monitor that I bought off of Ebay I can choose Hulu or other internet tV like Netflix and record in composit video on a VCR anything that shows up on the screen I just record a bunch of stuff and watch the VCR.

If you choose the FTA route then make your decision based by a search for free FTA stations



10 years ago

The problem with FTA is you need a motorized dish to aim at the different birds to get different programming. FTA only gets FREE tv unless modified, and I won't go into that.

. I thought the whole idea behind going camping was to get away from TVs and such. :)
. All I know about FTA is what I read on Wikipedia, but it sounds like it would work in the woods as long as you can "see" the satellites. Sounds like the programming is limited, but that shouldn't be a big problem - if nothing's on, go feed the bears.

I thought the whole idea behind going camping was to get away from TVs and such. :)

That was always MY #1 reason to go camping ...for sure.

I guess I should have specified, we have a trailer and at night and when it is raining the tv comes on. I am playing around with going this route, cheap and the channels are limited so I don't have to worry about the kids sitting in front of the boob tube all day. Thanks