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Anyone with metal skill looking for a good challenge, assassins creed blade? Answered

What are the chances if i was able to post detailed blueprints, some one could make a fully mechinized assassins creed hidden blade? I will admit its slightly off, for logistical reasons ive had to add a pair of buttons. not electrical, mechanical. it also doesnt shoot right back in, but used properly no ones gonna knowtice you need to press it three times. I only have to deal with scale issues and finalize to blue prints with overlaping transparency paper. I wanted to know if anyone here would be willing to spend the time and effort on it. MOST INPORTANT! My design isnt a prop, its logicisticaly made to attack a full fleshed target many times without damage to its self. But the blade required edgeing in several directions( forwards and back) which may be dificult i dont work with matierial i dont know. ill probly be able to post pictures in about a week depending on time and the avalibility of a scanner.


cool i really want one please email the blueprints to me pleeeeease? thanks!


once again, thanks in advance.

send me the blueprints at bigtoehunter@yahoo.com

i've been looking for blueprints but not all of them are good ones. please send them to me and i'll make them. fuzzdogz@hotmail.com

i have all sorts of machines you can find in metal shops and i know how to use them. if you message me and send me blueprints i will send you a video of it working if i can get it. acord.aaron@yahoo.com


7 years ago

please me my email is mygem_cross@yahoo.com i have been search for this kind of blueprint.please email me (thank you)


7 years ago

Please send me it my email is davidbas777@gmail.com


7 years ago

This sounds great! I know I'm late to the game but could you send me those blueprints at zaneboven@yahoo.com? I would be very grateful.

I've made a design that does the retraction movement, you pull the string it withdraws, auto lock, you pull again it retracts. When I finish it i'll post it


7 years ago

awesome! pls post ur blueprints ill try to make it ...

hey ive been looking for the blueprints for a long time... i have some but they are impossible to comprehend whoever made them had horrible hand writing. can you send be the blueprints?

could you send it to me id like to give it a try

oh oh i need somethin of a challenge
otherwise my mum gives me homework :(
can u please send me the plans? thanx

could u please send me the blueprints me uncle is a professional blacksmith and machanic.

could you send me the plans for the blade thanks.

hey man can you imbox me that plain for this blade soon thanks man

Yer man send me that i would l will see if i can make it i have very good skills with metal and all types of wepons thanks


7 years ago

Hey, yeah, please send me a copy too. I'm just now starting with a friend and my brother to make a few, and we're also practicing free-running and parkour (pretty much the same, but yeah lol) I would love to see your plans, I'm hoping to make more advanced ones that can be activated with only a flick of the wrist and no need to use the other hand (except for a safety switch, just in case). You can send em to me at voltzjunk@hotmail.com, please and thank you!

I would love a copy of your blueprints. I'll give it a shot and see if I can make it

dude yeah send me the bluprints and I will take a look at them, maybe modify it and sent you a pic of the last result!!!!!! send them 2 me!!

yer man could you plz send me the blueprints iv been looking for ages


7 years ago

omg. i was looking for it 4 months can u send me on: you-templar@hotmail.com

With time i can make this so send to:

Holy crap! I have been looking for a looonnnnnnggg time for this!! thanks! Could you please send me the blueprints at RobertMcInnes323@gmail.com? thanks man I appreciate it!!


7 years ago

rug_h@hotmail.com please cant wait to get the plans

please send me the blueprints at dylan.dunham@gmail.com

hi i am working on the design myself but i would like to see your kan you please send it to me at andreasweis@hotmail.com

 so if you could send me the blueprints, ill work on a prototype out of shetmetal then take it to my shop and see if it can be don e in metal... send me the blueprints @ kfarhaan@gmail.com

when are you going to send the blueprints out it's been ages


I run a smithy at my place, so I could try to work it out, if you send me the blueprints


Please send the blueprints, I am not trying to 'replicate' but I am making a modern version of the hidden blade. Begging you man!

Sweet! A "working" hidden blade is so hard to find on the net. Most of them are costume only. Would you be able to send me a copy of the blueprints? I would love to have a try at it.


8 years ago

AWESOME! ive been looking ALL OVER the internet for a respectable hidden blade blueprint. i'd be very greatful if u could e-mail me it :D

 please send me the blueprints and i will have a go at it, ill send you a finished result

Please send the blue prints and ill give it a go

i could try to do it
please send me the blueprints

 post blueprints.

i could use them.

shouldnt be too hard with the right tools.

I have extreme skill with metal and weapons. I'm sure that this would be simple enough with enough tweaking. Post the blueprints.

yea id love to give this a go, it sound brillient , add a few treaks here and there and it should work brilliently. so send me the blue prints plz