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Anything Interesting I could Do with this? Answered

Hey all,
I was recently given a free garage door opener, and I was wondering, Is there anything fun or interesting I could do to/with it?

Here is a picture or two

(Rat Trap is to Makeshift 'Keep Out Of Box' as Garage door opener is to...?)



i would either sell it or just take it apart for parts

Hmm, it appears as though the only "adjustibility" you have is the adjustable coil  (white thing with reddish coated wire wrapped around it).   That makes it harder to "find exact frequencies" that might be used by other equipment of the same "nature" (making it useful). 

Beyond that, there is always cannibalizing it for parts.

Hmmm, just thought of something,  if you have a frequency meter of any kind (Oscilloscope ?) you can adjust it that way (to a known frequency)