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Anything new? Answered

Has there been any new concepts or awesome guns made in the last year? I've been out for awhile but I'm thinking about making concept guns again to spark things up. But if its pretty much dead here then what's the point? If you guys can list some guns that have made even the littlest impact on the community then that would be great. 



Dude, I am glad to see you are back! Welcome!

JonnyBGood covered most of the newer stuff, but there are others. To be honest, I am too lazy to give you links now, but I might get to it tomorrow.

As for other new concepts to check out: Red Competitor (Red book of Westmarch), Semi pump action gun (Dr Richtoven), Handle pump pistol (Red book of westmarch), SRV-3 (KILLERK), Semi auto blowback pistol v2 (Blue Mullet) and i hate self promotion but also see my Buzzsaw (JonnyBGood)... Those are just a couple off the top of my head (and the forums) overall this community still builds a lot of basic pin guns but they're very excited ahout new concepts.

cool! Thanks man. I'll check them out right now

Sweet! I also wanted to say that a knex gun I'm looking at is the ugly full auto shotgun pistol by Johnhall14.

Well I built Zip3 a pump-bolt action knex gun. (video)


There are a few good ideas that have been floating around since you've been gone. So I definitely think the knex community is ready for more concepts.

I like your gun. It looks nice and seems reliable. I like pump action more than a bolt. I have a bolt action with a cool new system on the way it loads the bullet and how fast you are able to shoot. But what were those concepts?

Well you caught me with the speed aspect of Zip3 it has a little issue with the bolt action rod aligning with the magazine, but as seen in the video I sayi could shoot this a little faster than that not much though. A guide I plan to build for it will definitely make it performe better and faster.

yeah on the gun that I made I had one on there and it helped tremendously. Once you put that on there, your golden!