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Anything that can explode using CocaCola Answered

i heard of using mentos which will force the coke out and also dry ice in a coke bottle. can anyone tell me what can i use to explode using coke (not drugs, cocacola). (homemade stuff only? i know this is a crazy question but i love explosions



11 years ago

Put a can of coke in the freezer. First it will get slushy (yummy!), but if you leave it there too long, it will explode and spray coke all over the inside of your freezer. Alternately, you can leave the can in your car, in the sun, on a hot summer day, which will also cause it to explode and spray coke all over your car.

I've had them do that too. I like my Dr Pepper "slushy", and every once in a while I forget them, and USUALLY I have to clean up Dr Pepper from all over the inside of the freezer. It's worth noting that "regular" coke behaves differently from "diet" coke. Since Diet cola is close to pure water (with a tiny bit of flavoring, color, and artificial sweetener), it freezes into ice, which tends to form its own sort of solid packaging. By the time it's expanded enough to stress the can, the solid slug of ice has taken up the stress. The high sugar content of regular soda causes it to freeze to SLUSH, so that by the time it expands enough to stress the can, there is nothing but weak slush inside, and it tends to burst the opening and spray slush all over (ok, that isn't really "exploding.")

I was wondering how something frozen solid (or not, apparently) would "spray"

Someone should post an instructable on making a gun using diet coke and mentos. If you don't believe the whole diet coke/mento thing, they had a Mythbusters episode on Discovery channel all about it.