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Anyway to add a backlight to the GBA? i need this done. Answered

Please help, but I do not want to buy a Halo for it or the AfterBurner kit. I'd rather install the light in myself.


Try this link... In the thread, someone asked the same question and its just easier for you to read the replies there, than for me to re-type it. ;)


Pretty sure it needs a kit with a special diffuser/psismatic layer to convert side light to lcd usable light.

See this is my problem the screen reflects light (as it should do according to Nintendo) I have found that the light can be installed under the ribbon cable, it actually reaches the screen but not all the way. There must be another way to do this though, I've tried many different approaches to this problem, posting this question was kind of a last resort.

Yes, and the solution is a prismatic plastic layer -- it has to be edgelit but then scatter the light under the polarizer. Your best bet is to get the commercial kit because its not easy.

ah, well thanks its just a lot to get those hard to find too

Read through this forum link. It's a bit old, but there's a discussion about making a backlight for the GBA, and they discussed the screen issue. The solution seems to be with using an "Electro-Luminescent (EL) sheet". I can't tell you if it'll work or not (nor did I read through the whole thread), but its worth a read anyways (since you can't seem to buy the kits anymore).

PERFECT!! thank you i had forgotten about this forum i remember reading it but didnt remember where and forgot about the EL sheet thank you again i believe that the GBA SP had an EL sheet with a thin clip and an LED strip in that clip. I have that gutted and fitted already. Just needs to be cleaned (badly) so thanks yet again

You're welcome. Glad to help, and let me know if it worked.

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