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Apology to "Salute to a hero" topic. Answered

Some people noticed i wrote a comment on Kiteman's "Salute to a hero" topic. I am sorry about writing the comments I wrote. I know Bill Parker was a hero, but on the internet it's hard to recognize things. What i thought was people didn't post anything because they were like "why?" on the topic. Again, i am very sorry, and i pay respects to Bill.



Thank u for apoligizing (i wonder wht Bill Parker would think about all this?)

He was only doing his job, and maybe that;s what he'd think. It often takes a tragedy for people to appreciate what some people do for the benefit of others (think also of firefighters and the army). Good and dedicated professionals don't often get publicity unless they are publicised by dying tragically - it's a shame.


Thank you.

I appreciate it.

An honest mistake I'm sure. It's okay.

Even in death, you learn a lesson about life, all about growing up to be a better person which you have taken to heart.

.  Apology accepted.

Thank you.