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April Fool's Contest (2013) Answered


We love pranks and gags so much that we're having another April Fools Contests this year! The contest starts today (March 11, 2013) and closes on April 8, 2013)

We're looking for all kinds of pranks, tricks, gags, hoaxes or other practical jokes.Just one thing, projects for this contest can't be hurtful or mean-spirited (that's just not nice). You'll have plenty of time to photograph the madness on April 1 and still have time to share your pictures here before the deadline (April 8, 2013).

What madness do you have cooked up? Show us by entering the April Fools' Contest today!



5 years ago

What's the instructables policy on the sliding scale between Dangerous and Hilarious again (ie someone building an explosive whoopee cushion with methane gas and lighter fluid)?

  1. Not hurtful/mean-spirited
  2. Acceptable to be published / In line with our Terms of Service
  3. Must be hilarious
  4. (please don't prank me with that!)