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April is Photo Month Answered

A heads up to you all that April will be Photo Month here at instructables. We're going to have some really cool prizes for this one that will be announced later.


Yes! I have a project that I'm working on for my photography class, and I was already planning to make an Instructable. It'll be tricky, though...I'll have to take pictures inside a darkroom.

Use a safe light, or two and change the hue in photieshop to get some nice semi B&W; photos inside the darkroom, because the light's only one base colour. My mum and I are setting up a darkroom in our downstairs toilet. I was thinking of an instructable on that anyway, if you're doing one in the darkroom that's good but if you're setting one up we could collaborate.

See my response to Firebert. I'm not setting up a darkroom-We don't have a space for one, nor would we use it nearly enough to be worth it. I'm the only one in the house who's still shooting film, and I can use the developing and printing darkrooms at school for that.

Well never mind about my odd idea then, I'll just do the instructable about setting one up, it should be good... I look forward to your project, I still use film and have both a digital and film SLR canon EOS's and a tonne of assorted SLR's collected over the years which are all film.

Is this the alternate way of photography one? What method have you decided to use?


10 years ago

Sounds good. Can't wait to see what's in store. ;-)

a "photo contest" or a "how to photograph" contest ?

You'll have to wait till the official announcement comes out =]

(Tomorrow, I'm guessing?)

sure sure, pique my interest and get my anxiety going...... *sigh*


hehe..you know i'll have an instructable or two in that =]


10 years ago

A photo contest!? wootness!