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Aquaduct: Mobile Filtration Vehicle Answered

This is the winning entry from a Specialized Innovate or Die Pedal-Powered Machine Contest. The contest site is a bit frustrating to navigate because it's all slow flash, so skip that and go right to the Innovate or Die Youtube group to see all the entries.

I'm skeptical of the developing world benefiting from a flashy tricycle with molded casing, but the concept is going in the right direction.


Awesome. It tackles multiple world issues at once. It looks like it might be a little expensive for people who actually need it though. It also would be good for trips (recreation). Take it, and if you run out of water, jut go to the lake. I wonder how much upkeep it would be...

awesome. i want one, even thoguh there isn't a water source anywhere near my house :-)

Yeah I saw this on the make blog and was amazed. I would love to see someone build one and put an instructable up on how to do it.