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Ar-4 Commando V2 Review Answered

Ok, lets have a look at the latest creation of Dj Radio!
The Ar-4 Commando V2!

What to expect:
Strength: 8/10 Why: Small chance it will break.
Range: 8/10 Why: Very good range.
Looks: 9,5/10 Why: It looks great and very realistic!

Handle: 8/10 Why: Just because it rules comfyness (new word)!
Stock: 7,5/10 Why: A bit on the bulky side.
Barrel: 7/10 Why: sometimes jams because of the tan design.
Fake barrel: 8/10 Why: Just because it rules!
Bipod: 7/10 Why: It's only for show.
Add-ons: 9/10 Why: Bi-pod + Expandable mag = Just Awesome!

In the end:
The Ar-4 commando V2 is great fun and a must build for any knex gun enthusiast!
The range is pretty high and the stock is very comfy.

To round it up: Just Awesome!

Creator: Dj Radio

Gun: Ar-4 Commando V2

Reviewer: Viccie.B1993

Hope you enjoyed the review and, have lots of fun with the Instructables site!

Rights are owned by Dj Radio.
I had permission to review.

Viccie.B1993 and Dj Radio,


eeehhh, some of those rating could be different in my opinion.

I know this is EXTREMELY late but... I get my opinion too and my opinion is that nobody else gets their opinion! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Sorry

Oh, fhew. I though you were mad at me xD It's hopefully coming next week :)

HaHaHa!!! rule the world!! whats project nine

A new prototype crossbow :P You can load from the back instead of just putting it in the barrel :) Heres a pic: It has improved since that pic was made (2 days ago)though :)

Knex guns 005.jpg

why dont you build and do your own review then? more opinions i get on this gun, the better my builds can be

Lol, this gun is obsolete to the third power now, check this out:

Knex guns 041.JPGKnex guns 040.JPG

You really can't say anything bad about anything can you? You gave a bipod you said was 'only for show' a 7/10; surely if it is only for show then it should get no more that 3/10?

I am having trouble being mean about things, yeah.

DO NOT GET A MEPAINISH ATTITUDE! it wouldnt be the same.

I (reluctantly) sorta agree....

i'll do a review of somebody's gun if they would like it. (i'm looking for an excuse to build a knex gun)

did you notice how quickly i replied?? bet you couldnt reply that fast!

i meant from when you asked me to when i said sure. 0 minutes

I know replies that were 3 seconds apart.

i am making a knex gun reviews ible and i was wondering if i could use this in it?

u know the cardboard rolls u get in the middle of wraping paper, well i got one of them attached it to the front of probably the most simple semi auto gun and now the gun has a huge barrel is extremly accurate, and iv'e also added a stock on it and now it looks more like a hunting rifle than the pistol it once was.Also its about three quaters of a metre long but it is messy in places because its only a prototype

can you review my gun please? the corner cutter please =)