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Ar, me hearties! Answered

Jes' a quick nod t' the wise, mates, the ninteenth o' September be Internat'nl "Talk Like A Pirate day".

Now, this don't be compulsory, like (more of a guideline, see?), but I hopes all you gentlemen (and ladies) o' fortune be planning to speak properly that day...

Now accordin' t' this 'ere com-poo-tuh, these be the chains ye need to get the lingo, and remember, do it wi' a wannion!

If ye be one o' the King's privateers, ye be needin' this site: http://www.yarr.org.uk/

An' if'n ye be from the colonies, ye need tae go t' http://www.talklikeapirate.com/



Thank goodness that's over! I managed two solid lessons of the full-blown banter before my throat waved the white flag.

Over ?

ninteenth o' September

Even over there it is still the 19th (at least for 6 or 7 hours ;-) ).

It's over for me! Home from school, should be getting ready for the tent-erection practice at cubs.

> tent-erection practice at cubs . Please tell me you didn't hold practice at Neverland Ranch.

LOL No, it's practice putting tents from a packaged state to a fully-unfolded and useful state at speed - there's a competition next week. In the dark!

. I figured that out the second time I read it. Didn't sound good, at all, the first time. Don't know if it's the differences in King's/Colonial English or if I'm just a dirty old man.

Nah, I would call it Monty Python syndrome *LOL*

Arrr! Be the land-lubbin' childers rightly impressed by ye? An' 'ave ye been a-press-ganging any of 'em into a-joinin' the pirating life?

I don't think the scunners be impressed - more confused when I made them answer the register Aye, Cap'n!, then the deputy head came in and we had a conversation that consisted entirely of aargh!.

That was when they started to edge sideways out of the room... =D

Arrgh, I war surprizored thart one of me friendseys mentioned thars day of Talk like a piratey!


10 years ago

Sweet! Arrgh! Is there a Special Day for every day of the year? Arrgh! Like National Potato Day? Arrgh! Thanks! Arrgh!

Yearrrgh! I saw this on Fox this morning. Avast!

yargh!!! have ye land lubbers been hearin bout that new pirate film in theaters? it be rated arrrrrggghhhh!!!


10 years ago

arr!! i be thanking ye for this reminder i be talkin like a gentelman o' fortune all day! it be a fine day!

I wonder what is happening over on Care2...... ;-)

Ye'll no' be talkin' any dam' Frenchie talk t' me, bucko!

Arr! Down to te' depths wid them damn Frogs!!

hahahahahaha thanks kiteman that made my day. i was having a pretty crappy one till i read that. i appreciate it.

Argh, capin' thanks fer that bit o' wisdeom'

Oh dear. Nice POTC reference though.

O, right. I can barely talk "English" LOL But as long as it is not compulsory, I would hope you all will not tell me to sod off.

Damn ye, ye hardly-likely-to-be-scurvy dog! Me readin' list be long enough wi'out ye addin' more!

They're very good (well the Scientists and the Whale, which I read), and short.