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Arc reactor for girls :) Answered

Hi guys, I hope this is the right place for this! I've been scouring you tube and Instructables for the last hour trying to find an arc reactor build that's small enough for a girl. I'm doing a Pepper Potts/Rescue build of sorts and would definitely feel more comfortable going from a tutorial for the reactor, but the problem is, all the reactor builds out there fairly dwarf me and stick out really, really far. Does anyone know of any smaller reactors? Don't have to be screen accurate, as this if for a Pepper that doesn't really exist, but definitely looking for LED lighting. Thanks!


I'd look at getting an "Lilypad" Arduino. Its only about 2"/50mm in diameter.


SMD LEDS and a watch battery should lower the profile - a floppy drive or a hard drive motors stators should suffice for coils, castable clear resin poured in to it after finishing would provide a pretty similar look.

You may have to consider shaping the back, boobs could be tricky, in terms of getting it to sit right, though the middle point of an underwire bra would actually be a great way to attach the thing to yourself, if you solder a strip of metal to the ends of the points to hold the arc reactor up...