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Arcade Cabinet Building Answered

Ok, I've looked around everywhere, but nowhere I found gave me enough information, so I'm going to try on the forums. I am planning on making a Custom Arcade Machine, and I need some help. I know that you need MAME and what not, but I'll tell you what I have and what I want it to turn out as. I have: 5-7 old pcs sitting around, all are windows, and they all meet min arcade requirements. 3-4 monitors sitting around a plentiful supply of plywood, scrap metal, and welding tools for the cabinet. internet As for the cabinet, I want to be able to play most arcade games, and this is my hopeful specs. Upright cabinet every button you can imagine, my plan is for the front of the table having a joystick and 6-8 buttons on each side with a trackball in between them, when a game is selected that needs a steering wheel, a servo moves a mechanism out of the way to allow you to pull up a yoke, with more servos to lock it in certain ways( like lock the y axis in a racing game, but full movement in a flight game), and lastly have some pedals at the bottom. so I am basically going for an ultimate cabinet, and possibly ebay some to cover my costs. I also have some experience in computers and electronics almost forgot, I also plan to put in a coin slot, in case others want that, and to keep my brothers from being on it all day. :D


dont worry, ill have plenty of buttons

i forgot about the gun stuff I was going to put in, but im going to devise a syatem to where i can either swap out controls, or logically fit them all on, but ill check the mame forums, thanks

There are plenty of MAME forums where you can probably find detailed plans or dimensions for previous actual arcade cabinets. Some sites even have the original graphics to download so you can duplicate them on your cabinet. I would have interchangeable consoles that you plug into the controller space in the cabinet. You can then have dedicated authentic layout control panels swapped out quickly from storage underneath. It could also have authentic original graphics instead of one mish-mashed generic do-it-all control panel. Depending on the games, you could expand it to shoot-em-ups with gun controllers or periscope sights to play tank commander. Good luck.

. I like the idea of interchangeable control consoles. IIRC, a lot of the games had the same basic layout (joystick + 1-4 buttons), so the only real difference between console X, Y, Z, ... is the graphics.
. IMNSHO, much better than servos.
. The "coin slots" are called rejectors.