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Arcade Single button power everything? Answered

So here's my issue, I have a really nice button for powering on my MAME arcade. The button has 4 wires 2 for LED and 2 for the switch. I currently have that button wired to a USB cable and the soft start of the computer so that when I press the momentary switch it turns the computer on and then it also lights up the power LED of the button. I have the -ve of the switch and the LED wired together so i have 3 wires vs. 4, and then i have that wired to the -ve of the usb. The other 2 wires are +ve of the usb and to the +ve of the cpu power switch. Now I was wondering if anyone has an idea of how to wire up the Monitor to power on. It has a soft momentary switch for turning it on. I attached a headphone cable to the terminals of the button so I can easily unplug it when needed. I tried wiring this in parallel to the power button but that causes weird issues with the computer power. SO my question is, is there a solution to get this to work? 


Turns out that my monitor has a feature where it remembers the last state that was on so I can just toggle the main power so this won't be neccesary.

Yes, use a small relay or an opto-isolator.