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Archos 70 250Gb - poor review Answered

I bought the Archos 70 as a replacement for my very reliable (but full) Archos AV700TV.

I needed a decent memory that I could use both as back-up storage to my PC, and to show images portably - with nearly 50,000 digital images, this was the 70's "killer app" for me. Web browsing etc was just icing on the cake.

As a web browser, it's fine - for ease of use it sits squarely between the iPod and the iPad, and is cheaper than either. The screen is a nice size.

However, on it's "killer app", it FAILS.

I uploaded my images (9 years' worth) in folders by year, and sub-folders by month. Easy.

When I came to use the gallery function, though, it would only show me the first five years' worth. Nearly half my images simply did not appear in the gallery.

Going through the "file" tab, I confirmed they were all there. I could even look at a few, but then it would kick me back to the Gallery function, and the images would become invisible to me again.

I emailed Archos customer services several times, and got no reply beyond an automatic promise to respond within 2 days. A promise they never kept. On the website, the phone number for tech support is a premium-rate number.

Eventually, I had to threaten the marketing department with a poor review, just to get a normal number for tech support.

(By the way, that number is 0207 949 0115, and is charged at your normal (UK) landline rates)

In the mean time, the gallery function failed completely, and I got alerts telling me the bluetooth function wasn't working (I hadn't switched it on), and that the device is running out of memory (there are currently 230Gb free).

When I eventually spoke to a human being, he was as helpful as he could be (no problem with the call-centre's work, it's the higher-ups via email that are a waste of space), except that the firmware version installed on the device (2.3.6) is apparently one that has never been installed on Archos 70s (it should be 2.4.19), so he could offer no help over the phone, except try and update the firmware, and if that doesn't work, re-format the hard drive and start again from scratch.

Now, after three attempts the correct firmware is now apparently installed, but the faults all remain. I am reduced to formatting the whole thing and starting from scratch and if this re-install doesn't work, I shall be demanding a refund.


Are product-reviews a new or forthcoming facet of this site?


Call it an irregular feature - I've reviewed beer here before.

How much depth of subfolders you are allowed to have?

Perhaps you could create two first-level folders F01 and F02, each containing the folders for each one of five years. Then, inside every first level folder F01 or F02, you would perhaps be able to see the five folders for each one of five years, say F2001, F2002, etc. And inside every year's folder you would perhaps see every month. Still, not all together, thou.

None more than three deep.

You're using Android on it at the moment? Their website says that it comes with Linux Angstrom installed too and that you can dual boot. Have you tried that?

No Angstrom installed.

I'm busy working through my files at the moment, to separate images form videos - my old archos didn't like them mixed, so maybe this one doesn't either.