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Arduino Clinometer for vehicle Answered

I'm building a Clinometer for a vehicle, that will show roll & pitch, and log this data as well as yaw (skid). I'm using a 3 axis accelerometer with an Arduino, and am looking for ideas on improvements.

I have the g forces for the 3 axis being displayed in the serial monitor, and am ready to display values on a LCD, but really thinking this should be graphics of a vehicle showing pitch and roll, like the old Jeep Clinometer I had as a teen.



You could translate the values to show up on an LED matrix or go mechanical to drive some servo dials/indicators. You have to do a lot of debouncing with the accelerometer data as it is pretty sensitive and might have a lag if the arduino has a lot of processing to do.Good luck.

I'm thinking I'll take a series of readings, then average them. I don't expect the actual position of the vehicle to change drastically in half a second or so. I'm really looking for an indication of how off center the vehicle is in any direction, not exact numbers.

I like the servo idea, as I could take the $20 commercial unit and hack it with servos so it looks original, and log my trip data to a sd card.

Add a piezo speaker to give the warning tone when you get too rough on the 4-wheeling.