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Arduino Control by Excel2000 Answered

Is it possible to send single character data from MS Excel2000, to the Arduino monitor, which will ,via the usb send on to the Arduino device. (say turning leds on and off.)  Low volume of data, 10 characters minute.

That is within VBA of the Excel to send the data from Excel to appear in Arduino monitor and thru USB  to Arduino Nano where it will be dealt with by other arduino sketch.

I will need to know what vba to use in Excel and what code required in sketch to accept vba.




Yes, it appears to be possible. Its discussed in many forums. This relates to receiving data


Hi Steve

Thanks for that will follow up.

Still need info on sending data from Excel to arduino



The process described uses the GET construction

Get #COM5file, , record

Try the

Set #COM5file, , record

instead. Set record = your character to transmit.