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Arduino + L298N controlling bipolar stepper with pot speed control and speed on lcd (also on lcd thermistor temp in C)? Answered

Lcd 16 x 2


10K potentiometer

L298N is a module

Arduino controlled

How can i control the motor and lcd?


Check the Arduino libraries and project pages.
If you need to ask here is just means you did not bother to do a proper search in the right places ;)

It is how to get the speed on the lcd i cant find anything on that. the things i can find are only controlling the stepper no lcd.

Usually this works by a serial write.
So you define the serial write function for whatever you want on the display.
Most libraries already contain the basics, but for some things you need to write your own code,like a logo.
Essentially you take the values for the motor and a "matrix" to define what goes on the display.

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Just browse through a few of the Links on the side to get a Good understanding of what you need to do !

Also go to the Arduino Playground and under "Interfacing with hardware" you will find all the Libraries you need !

Very good, and your question is?