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Arduino LCD Project Idea Answered

I got myself one of the Pandigital Novel EReaders a while back; kids got a hold of it, and now it doesn't work. I was wondering if anyone has any project ideas for LCD screens, or any of the components for that matter. I have a few different Arduinos I could implement. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance



6 years ago

Looking up the device to see what it was I came across this http://www.askmefast.com/I_have_a_pandigital_7_inch_ereader_and_it_froze_upi_cnt_even_turn_it_off_help-qna671325.html - There are some advice for resetting the device (more in the comments) and I thought it would be worth letting you know in case you could fix it instead (unless you are looking for an excuse to tear it appart :-)

After CD's comment above, I just may attempt fixing it. Thanks for the reference.

The common concensus in reusing bare LCD panels is that you really can't do anything with it unless you have the matching proprietary drivers, supporting electronics, and input interface information. It is difficult without having resources as a manufacturer to develop something on your own. There are small 2-line LCD displays or LCD modules that purchased that have an interface prebuilt to drive them but are designed to be used with an arduino or as a direct replacement for a working device. Reusing old cellphones, broken game devices is tough because they are so integrated in their own design and do not take common external inputs such as RGB or other common display signals.

Yeah, I figured as much. All the relative ibles I've seen are the 2-line displays or the like.

Oh, and I plan on using a spare mobile device as a "video" spyhole on a side entrance my home. I've planned it in my head and it seems simple enough; which means I'm gonna screw myself somewhere along the way, get frustrated, and add to the long list of unfinished projects I've abandoned. Another audible sigh from my wife.

But if I do happen to complete it, I'll document for an ible.

Anyways, thanks for the clarification, CD. Appreciate it.