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Arduino - Mega or Duemlianove Answered

I have been thinking about getting an arduino from Adafruit Industries. They carry two - The arduino duemlianove with the Atmega328 and the more powerful Mega with atmega1280 chip. I am having difficulty choosing between the two microcontrollers.

My main focus will be on larger projects like the Garduino(www.instructables.com/id/Garduino_Gardening_Arduino/) but again also on smaller robotics projects like advanced balancing robots(multiple accelerometers and sonar sensors)or even arduino smart drones(aircraft).Some of the factors in my descision will depend on:
  • Price
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Power requirements
  • Flash ROM
  • Output pins
  • Protoshield/other shield capabilities
  • PWM control
  • XBee wireless support
  • Integration with logic systems
  • Support for multiple(3) LCD screens/Dot Matrix displays
  • Multiple Servo support
  • Sound/Media support
Please help me choosing this microcontroller.I will only buy once in maybe 4-5 years so I want it to be good buy.

Also tell me which shields should I buy for my requirements: either the sound shield or the servo shield.I think I will buy the servo shield because it will give me greater control over my robotcs projects




6 years ago

I guess buying a Arduino UNO board would be right because it is cost effective and supply is quite good.......u cn find least bugs in UNO...!!


8 years ago

Hi Kabir !

Well you could, but I suspect you're experienced enough to just buy an AVR chip, like an Atmega 328 and make your own. Programming the thing for the first time can be a bit problematic, but there are simple ways of doing that.



Reply 8 years ago

I could get a AVR chip, but adafruit does't keep them.Plus, I wanted the arduino as I have already written tons of code ready for the arduino.